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CCI Team

The CCI team is comprised of the two founders, Joe Santosuosso and Mike Damiano. The principles have worked together for over 17 years and have developed operational systems that have been very successful in a multitude of companies serving diverse industries. We also have partner relationships with world class independent consultants that provide expert guidance to our operating executives.

Joseph R. Santosuosso

Joe is an experienced CEO of companies ranging up to $350,000,000 in annual revenues. He is a registered professional engineer in seven states with a BS and an MS in mechanical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MBA in corporate finance from Arizona State University. Joe has over 40 years experience in the engineering, construction, marketing, manufacturing and management consulting fields including 18 years as CEO and Director.

Joe is a co-founder of Cascade Consolidated Industries and from 1996 to present he has been its CEO. Cascade provides management services to companies in which they have purchased an equity interest.

Joe has been CEO and a director of six parent companies and over 20 subsidiary companies, both foreign and domestic, between 1985 and the present. He was CEO of a division of Lockheed Corporation that accounted for annual sales of $380,000,000 and employed over 3000 in four locations. Following his tenure at Lockheed, Joe has been CEO of five other companies and subsidiaries in Japan, Hong Kong, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain Germany and Switzerland,. He has established distribution channels in Denmark, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Spain, South Africa and Argentina.

Michael Damiano

Mike has a B.S. degree in accounting from the University of Rhode Island and a CPA from New York State with 33 years of progressive experience in accounting, finance, administration and operations in staff and line positions. Industry experience includes public accounting, consumer products, manufacturing, distribution and service. Geographic experience encompasses most major U.S. cities, Europe, Asia, United Kingdom and the Caribbean.

Mike is a co-founder of Cascade Consolidated Industries and has served as its CFO since its inception in 1996. He served as Vice President of Finance and Administration for four major manufacturing concerns during the past 13 years and as a director for nine years. Zero Corporation produced deep drawn aluminum enclosures for the protection of sensitive equipment for the military, aerospace, medical, and transportation industries.
Mike served in various capacities with Gulf+Western Industries, Inc. for fourteen years, first as Chief Auditor for its subsidiary Consolidated Cigar Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer of cigars and later with Gulf+Western corporate as an Audit Supervisor, Additional assignments included establishing and training a European audit staff and participating in various mergers and acquisitions, and as Vice President and Controller of Sega Enterprises, Inc. an eighty-six percent owned publicly traded subsidiary and manufacturer, operator and distributor of electronic video games with a wholly owned subsidiary in Japan.

Prior to his tenure with Gulf+Western, he was with the CPA firm of S.D. Liedesdorf & Co. in New York.

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